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In August of 2009, after a pizza tour vacation with his family, Tony Naser decided to bring authentic Naples style pizza to Nashua, NH. But first, the destination was New York City and all the great pizzerias along the way — grilled pizza in Providence, legendary coal-fired pizzerias in New Haven, and some of the most famous pizzerias in NYC. They even made a trip out to Las Vegas for a visit to sample pizza.


Making fresh dough and baking pizza every weekend was a family tradition and over the years this tradition became a passion to make the best pizza. Pizza originated in Naples Italy. Neopolitan pizza in its purist form has been made the same way in Naples since the 17th century. Once considered a dish for peddlers, pizza was sold by street vendors and not in restaurants. Over the years pizza gained popularity as Naples became a tourist attraction. And in the late 19th century pizza was introduced to the United States with the arrival of Italian immigrants.


Crush maintains Neapolitan tradition and makes the simplest and freshest food brought in and made daily.  The ovens are imported from Italy and burns with an intensity to cook a pizza in 60 - 90 seconds at a blistering 800 - 900 degrees. For Tony, Crush is truly a labor of love.

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